Each Qi’E staff’s honesty and trustworthiness support our company’s good faith management .Hard working is the necessary stage to grow from ordinary to extraordinary. Our team’s sincere cooperation ,customers and our company’s sincere cooperation give us power and make us strong and brave in the business. QIE grain and oil machinery co., LTD is a company specializing in the production of grain and oil machinery and equipment, scientific resear...

Who We Are ?

Focus on the oil machinery industry for 35 years.

Vegetable Oil Production Line

Sunflower Oil Production Line
Sunflower seed is one of the main oil seed in ...
Rice Bran Oil Production Line
Rice bran oil is the most healthy edible oil i...
Coconut Oil Production Line
Coconut oil or copra oil, is an edible oil ext...
Peanut Oil Production Line
We can provide the equipments to process diffe...

Oil Press Machine

We have different size oil pressing machine: 6YL- series small hot and cold screw oil pressing machine, 6YY- series Hydraulic pressing machine, middle-size( ZX18, ZX185) oil pressing machine and big-size (ZX24,ZX28) oil pressing machine.
Middle-Size Screw Oil Pressing Machine
Middle-Size Screw Oil Pressing Machine
Model ZX18A (200-3) screw oil press is the national approved product, which has the characteristic, such a...
Big-Size Screw Oil Pressing Machine
Big-Size Screw Oil Pressing Machine
The big size oil press machine is with large handling capacity, low power consumption, low running cost an...
Large Size Oil Press/ Pre-press Machine
Large Size Oil Press/ Pre-press Machine
YZ/XZ-28 Screw oil expeller is widely used in medium and large oil factories.Brief introduction YZ/XZ scre...